How do I share my Dance Central 2 photos online?

Dance Central 2 uses Kinect Share to upload your photos!

To start off, make sure you have Kinect Share enabled on your Gamer Profile. Go to the "Online Safety" and set "Kinect Share' to "Allowed." Make sure to save your changes! If you back out without saving, your share settings will not be updated.

After you've danced a song, select "Photos" from the menu to view the photos taken during the song. Select the one you want to upload. If you aren't already signed in to your profile, you'll have the opportunity here to sign in before you can continue. The game will then ask if you're sure you want to upload. Select Yes, and your photo will be sent off to the Kinect Share Center!

You can then upload more pictures from the same song if you'd like, or move on to capture some shots from a new song. Uploaded photos will display your image with song performed, score, and difficulty.

To then view and share your photos, sign in at There you'll have the opportunity to view the photos you've uploaded, save them to your computer, or send them off to Facebook! The photos don't stay hosted forever, so if you like them, save them!