I purchased downloadable content for the older Dance Central games but it's not showing that I can download it in Dance Central Spotlight. How do I get my songs?

There are a few possibilities here:

  1. If you aren't seeing the song in the store, it means it hasn't been released yet. We'll continue to release the legacy content over time, so stay tuned to our social accounts for more announcements!
  2. If you are seeing the song, make sure you are signed into the Gamertag that made the purchase on Xbox 360, to ensure that the system can recognize that you own the right to the content.
  3. Important: There is a known issue with song pack entitlements when the game launches that we are hoping to get resolved as soon as possible. It means that if you previously purchased any Song Packs of downloadable content for the earlier Dance Central games, you won't be given the option to re-download for free the songs that are available from that pack when the game launches. Instead it will present you with the option to buy those songs, like any other song. This is not intended functionality and we hope to have the issue resolved a.s.a.p. so you can redownload those songs you already purchased. Please double check your purchase records to make sure you aren't accidentally re-buying any content that you've already purchased.

In the event that you do purchase content again that you have previously purchased, please reach out to Xbox customer support for assistance: http://support.xbox.com


This article will be updated when this issue is resolved, you can subscribe here or keep an eye on this forum thread for updates. We're sorry for the inconvenience!