My legacy Rock Band DLC says it downloaded to my PlayStation 4, but it's not appearing in-game!

We've come to the conclusion that this may not be an entitlement issue, but rather a content delivery issue. If you recently attempted to re-download your legacy Rock Band DLC via the in-game Rock Band 4 Music Store OR the PSN store, you may not see some of this content in-game. We have a temporary workaround while we continue to work on a solution to this issue.

Here’s what you can do to get some of your legacy Rock Band DLC in Rock Band 4:
  1. Quit Rock Band 4
  2. From the PlayStation 4 Main Menu, scroll to the right and selectLibrary
  3. Select Games
  4. Select Rock Band 4
  5. Scroll down and select "My Add-Ons"
  6. From here, you will see all DLC products associated with your account that are installed. They are indicated with the word “Installed”. Those that were installed but are not visible will NOT display this word.
  7. Select the down arrow (the install icon on the PlayStation 4) and the content should install. The PlayStation 4 will then notify you that the content has been installed and indicate this with the word “Installed” next to the product.
  8. Back out to the PlayStation 4 Main Menu
  9. Startup Rock Band 4 again
  10. This content should now be visible in your Rock Band 4 library!

If you receive an error message while attempting to install these products, you must first restore your licenses to proceed.

To navigate to this option:
  1. Select Settings
  2. Select the PlayStation Network Store
  3. Select Restore Licenses
  4. Hit OK!

Once complete, check back to your download queue. Re-install the affected content by selecting the content again and this should solve the issue. Make sure you re-install through your Downloads (navigate toNotifications, then select Downloads) and NOT your “My Add-Ons” section to make sure your console recognizes this content!

Please note that this workaround may not resolve this issue for all legacy
Rock Band products. If you continue to experience issues with viewing your legacy Rock Band DLC in-game, please let us know what specific products (Song / Pack Name and Artist) continue to be affected. All of this information is incredibly helpful as we continue to work with first-party to solve this issue!