My Xbox One Rock Band 4 Pre-Order Bonus DLC is not downloading correctly! What do I do?

We’ve resolved an issue in our music library that was preventing all of the Pre-Order Bonus DLC from downloading correctly.  In order to get your content, you’ll need to download the content again. Below are step-by-step instructions for how to re-download your content:

  1. From the Xbox One dashboard, sign-in to Xbox Live with the account that originally redeemed the Pre-Order code.
  2. From the Home screen, open My Games & Apps, and highlight Rock Band 4 from the list of games. Press the Menu button and select “Manage Game”.
  3. On the Manage Game screen, you will see a list of downloaded songs displayed. Highlight any songs which downloaded incorrectly, and uninstall them by pressing the Menu button and selecting “Uninstall”.
  4. While remaining on the Manage Game screen for Rock Band 4, scroll to the right of where your installed content appears. Here you will see a list of content titled “Ready to Install”. The songs that you just deleted or haven’t yet installed will appear on this list. Select the songs you want to install, and press the A button to begin downloading them.
  5. Once re-downloaded, the correct songs will appear on the list of installed content on the Manage Game screen, and can be played in Rock Band 4.

If you are having difficulty locating, navigating, or downloading your legacy Rock Band DLC entitlements in the Xbox Live Marketplace, please refer to this FAQ. If you are having difficulty with DLC entitlements in regards to your Xbox Live Gamertag, please contact Xbox support here.