How do I issue a Score War challenge?

Starting a Score War with a friend is easy! Both of you need to have Rock Band Blitz and the Rock Band World Facebook App to get started. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Score Wars" in the navigation bar of Rock Band World.
  2. Choose your opponent from the light grey drop down menu. Only friends who have Rock Band World installed and are playing Rock Band Blitz on the same console as you will be visible.
  3. Next, choose a song from the new light grey drop down menu. You can choose from any of the songs that you own, even if your friend doesn't own that song. Be aware that they will need to purchase and download the song on their own in order to compete with you. (Or, if they decide not to buy the song, they can decline the Score War challenge.)
  4. Click "Create"!


The Score War will show on your console and you can compete with your friends as long as you play within the allotted time. If you don't play the song before the Score War expires, your opponent will win by default and you will receive no coins. Whoever wins when the time runs out earns 750 coins to be use in-game. But don't feel too bad about losing: as long as you tried, you still get 250 coins!