What are the different types of goals in Rock Band World?

There are there different types of Goals in Rock Band World.

  • Basic Goals: These are Goals you can complete on your own or cooperatively with friends. The requirements of the Goal, the coin reward, and the maximum number of people who can work together towards the Goal are stated in the description. Once completed, participants receive a share of the total coin reward based on their participation. In order to play harder Goals, you must first complete easier-difficulty Goals.
  • Community Goals: These are goals that the Rock Band World community of players can complete together. As long as the Goal is completed within the required time frame, everyone who participates receives a Rock Band Blitz coin reward.
  • Scavenger Hunts: Scavenger Hunts are more involved Goals that require a bit of sleuthing to complete. They too have maximum group sizes and time limits. You can join your friends, join a random group of players, or start your own. Then you'll have to figure out the mystery songs using the clues given to you. Keep an eye on the Goal's update feed, since more clues are given in response to the songs that you play!