How do I set up Rock Band with my Playstation 3 using the adapters?

If you bought your PlayStation 3 after August 2008, it has two USB ports in front. Earlier PlayStation 3's may have up to four ports in front.

If you're using guitar controllers made for The Beatles: Rock Band orRock Band 2, each comes with a USB adapter (wireless receiver) that has two USB ports. Plug the two guitar adapters directly into the console and then plug the drums and mic into the open guitar adapter ports. This setup works with drum kits made for Rock Band, Rock Band 2, andThe Beatles: Rock Band.

If you're using only one guitar controller made for Rock Band 2 or The Beatles: Rock Band, you can plug the additional peripherals into the USB ports on the dongle.

If one of your guitar controllers is from Rock Band (1), plug both guitar dongles into the console and then plug the drums and the mic into the two additional ports on the Rock Band 2 guitar.

If you're using just one Rock Band (1) guitar controller you'll need a USB hub to connect everything as Rock Band guitars do not have the adapters with the additional ports.

It's important to note that plugging a guitar adapter into another guitar adapter will not work. You should always plug your guitar adapters directly into the console.