I'm having a hard time syncing my legacy Rock Band guitars. Help?

To sync your guitar, make sure your Wireless Adapter is plugged securely into a USB port on your console. Press the sync button on the Wireless Adapter, followed by the sync button on the wireless guitar. Depending on what console you're on, lights may spin in a ring or blink as the signals search for each other. A successful sync is indicated by both devices maintaining a solid red light rather than a blinking red light.


If the lights continue to circle or blink without syncing, you may need to experiment a bit to figure out the right set up. For instance, you may want to de-sync all your other instruments and try only the one that's giving you trouble. Try plugging the adapter into a different USB port to be sure that's not causing the problem.  Try pushing the sync button on the instrument first and then pushing the console sync button.

If this process still does not work please contact Mad Catz about your legacy hardware. The associates there will be able to walk you through the warranty replacement process and make sure you qualify for a replacement under our 60 day warranty.


How to contact Mad Catz**, both U.S. and international users:

**Mad Catz is the manufacturer for Rock Band 3 instruments.