My downloaded songs keeping skipping. What do I do? [PlayStation 3]

If you're getting a message that says something along the lines of "Can;t play, skipping", what that means is that your console isn't recognizing that you own the rights to play that song.

First things first, try redownloading the song. This is usually all it takes to re-establish your license.

If redownloading doesn't work, it could mean that the profile that purchased the content is not being recognized on the console. You may need to redownload your PSN profile, the one that owns the content, onto your console. This is most likely the case if you are taking advantage of Sony's DLC sharing benefits among multiple consoles that you own. For more information on this policy, please contact Sony Customer Support.

If after re-downloading the song and the profile that owns the content you are still not being able to play the song, please contact Sony customer support to troubleshoot your account and purchased content.