Can previous Rock Band games export into Rock Band Blitz?

Rock Band Blitz does not have a "landing pad", to put it simply, for export. This means that only games which are already exported or which can be exported within their own game can be played in Rock Band Blitz. What this means for your Rock Band games:

  • Rock Band (1) exports using the Rock Band disc, so you can export this and play it in Rock Band Blitz.
  • Rock Band 2 cannot export within itself, so you need Rock Band 3 in order to export Rock Band 2 and play those songs in Rock Band Blitz.
  • Rock Band 3 does not currently export to any game.
  • Green Day: Rock Band can be exported within itself, so you can export it and play those songs in Rock Band Blitz.
  • Track Packs can export to Rock Band 2 or Rock Band 3, so you need to have one of those games in order to export a Track Pack for play in Rock Band Blitz.
  • The Beatles: Rock Band does not export to any game.