How do I re-download my Rock Band DLC on Xbox One?

We have made downloading all your legacy Rock Band DLC easier than ever on Xbox One. We strongly recommend you download your legacy content through the Xbox Dashboard rather than in-game. If you are having difficulty with DLC entitlements in regards to your Xbox Live Gamertag, please file a ticket with our support.

  1. Turn on your Xbox One.
  2. Sign into the Xbox Live Gamertag that you originally purchased your legacy Rock Band DLC on.
  3. Navigate to the Rock Band 4 game tile.
  4. Press Menu and select ‘Manage Game’.
  5. Scroll to the option labeled ‘Ready to Install’.
  6. Allow the list to populate (the more songs it can find, the longer it takes), then click ‘Install All’.
  7. All done! Feel free to play while songs install; the remaining content will continue to install in the background.