What do I do if some of my legacy Rock Band DLC is listed with a price and asking me to re-purchase the content?


There are two scenarios in which this behavior can occur.

  1. The song was previously released on the Rock Band Network, a way where users could license and release songs themselves. As we at Harmonix did not directly handle this work, it was impossible for us to carry ownership forward as we did for nearly everything we released through our own studio. In this scenario, the pricing is CORRECT
  2. The song was previously released on a Rock Band disc or Rock Band Blitz. Some songs previously featured on older Rock Band titles have been re-released to give more players access. In some cases, these songs can behave as different products in your console store even though the game considers them identical. If you own the appropriate export, be sure you've downloaded the content through the correct methods and do NOT purchase the standalone versions from the storefront.
    1. Players in European territories will have to repurchase the Euro Bonus Songs from the first Rock Band to use them in Rock Band 4 regardless of whether they purchased the original Rock Band export or not. In this scenario, the pricing is CORRECT.

If you believe you are viewing a song that is not covered here, please procure a picture of the appropriate item in your account's purchase history and file a ticket with us.