Can I use my own guitar in Rock Band 3?

In order to play PRO mode with guitar or bass in Rock Band 3, you will need to use either the Fender Squier or Mad Catz Mustang peripherals.

The cool thing about utilizing the pro guitars (the Mustang or Squier) in Pro Mode is that they give you immediate, real time feedback about where your hands are on the neck of the guitar. One of the things we’ve found crucial in learning is that we know what your left hand is doing. This way we can show you what you’re doing, and if it’s wrong, provide you with that feedback. The trainers are crucial in this respect as we can tell you where to put your fingers and when you are correct. Even if you could progress through the trainers without the instruments or without completing them, you'd still be missing out on an important part of what makes Pro Mode so great for learning guitar - and that's this immediate and tactile feedback.