How do I connect my Dance Central profile with the Dance Central Facebook App?

The easiest way to connect to the Dance Central Facebook App is by sharing a photo!

First, make sure you have sharing enabled on your Gamer Profile. This setting can be found under Online Safety.

After you’ve danced a song, select Photos from the menu to view the photos taken during that song. Select the one you want to upload. If this is your first time uploading a photo, you’ll be asked to connect Dance Central 3 to your Facebook account. Follow the on-screen instructions and your photos will be posted in a special photo album which you can then access in Facebook.

You can continue to upload more pictures from the same song if you’d like, or move on to a new song. Uploaded photos will display your image along with song title, your score, and what difficulty you played it on.

Here's a link to the Dance Central Facebook App: