I got a new Playstation 3. How do I bring my save data to the new console?

You'll need to use PlayStation's Data Transfer Utility to transfer your content to your new PlayStation 3. Step-by-step instructions on using this utility can be found at the following Playstation support address:


You'll need to have a PlayStation Network account in order to transfer your Rock Band saved data and Trophies. If you use the Data Transfer Utility and notice that any of your DLC is missing, simply redownload it from your download or purchase history through your PlayStation account.

To transfer your save data to the new console, you must use the Data Transfer Utility. Because Rock Band save data is copy protected, you cannot simply backup on one console and "restore" onto another console. The Data Transfer Utility will yank all your content from the old console, including your copy protected save data, and transfer it to your new console. Be aware that this means all your content will be gone from the old console.

If you have any questions regarding the process or need help completing the transfer, you'll need to contact Sony Customer Support. They can be reached at the following customer support portal: