Can I export the original Rock Band songs to Rock Band 3 on the Wii? What about Track Packs?

We don't have plans to export those past products for Wii. There are a handful of reasons why these are challenging, including:

Licensing challenges: Every export deal needs a specific licensing deal which we have to secure.

Conversion work for Harmonix Audio Staff: Because of differences in audio format from RB1/LRB to RB3 there's a substantial amount of work for the Harmonix Audio Team and Audio QA Group to convert and check these songs out for the new format, and even more work for the Wii submissions group that has to prepare and submit each piece of Add On Content. These are all people hard at work on weekly DLC and more!

We still feel that RB3 has had some of the best feature parity of any Rock Band Wii title and we really brought the music store up to par with packs/albums support and export pack tech support. We will try and offer all Wii products moving forward the same export opportunities as RB2/Green Day.