How do I export Dance Central to Dance Central 3?

Importing the original Dance Central to Dance Central 3 will cost 400 Microsoft points, and you need an Xbox-LIVE enabled Gamertag that has permission to make purchases. Then, have the manual handy from the original Dance Central and follow these instructions.

  1. Launch Dance Central 3.
  2. Make sure that you are signed in to an Xbox LIVE-enabled gamer profile.
  3. From the Main Menu in Dance Central 3, select Buy More Songs.
  4. Select Song Import Offers.
  5. Select Dance Central Import. Enter the 16-digit code packaged with the original Dance Central. This code is either printed on the back of your manual or on a seperate token card inside the game case. If your manual does not have a code, please contact Microsoft Customer Support for further assistance. Please note that if your manual doesn't have a code because it is a used copy of the game, you will need to purchase a new copy in order to export; each game can only be exported once.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase the Dance Central Export Pack.
  7. The song files will begin downloaded. Once they've downloaded, the songs will automatically install in your Dance Central 3 library.