I tried to export Dance Central but when I put my code in, it told me "Code Invalid." Why won't it work?

First, make sure that you’re putting your code into the Dance Central 2 or Dance Central 3 game, not into the Xbox Dashboard. Fire up Dance Central 2 or 3, choose “Options” from the main menu and then “Redeem Code.”

Second, make sure you’re typing the code in correctly. Sometimes the letters and numbers can be easy to confuse or you might be hitting a wrong number or letter when inputting the code, especially if you don't have a keyboard and are using the controller. It might help to copy the code in your own handwriting and then input the code while reading from that. 

If you’ve done both of these things and are still getting an “Invalid Code” message, call Xbox Customer Support and they’ll be able to troubleshoot your code further. You can locate the phone number for your region at the following Xbox Support Page: