What is Rock Band Companion?

Rock Band Companion is a free mobile app, available for Android and iOS, that supplements the Rock Band 4 experience.

Features include:

  • Rivals Hub
    • Check your Crew's progress during and after a Challenge, including Spotlight score, Crew XP, Crew LP, and your projected tier placement
    • View your Crew roster, lifetime stats, and more
    • View Crew leaderboards for the current Challenge and lifetime stats
    • Find and join a Crew
    • Manage your own Crew and Crew roster
    • Send in-game messages to Crew members
  • Activity Feed
    • View all events from the in-game Activity Feed, like when a friend beats your high score or you're invited to an Online Quickplay session
    • Toggle between personal and Crew feeds
    • Receive push notifications on your device for selected events
  • My Stats
    • View all of your lifetime Rock Band 4 stats from the in-game My Stats screen, including a few stats exclusive to the app
    • Quickly switch between instruments to view different stats
    • View the leaderboards for each stat, both global and within your friends
  • Music Library
    • Browse all 2,500+ songs in the Rock Band music library, including ones you don't own
    • Check your scores and stats for each song on your instrument of choice
    • Sort and filter the library with tons of options, including "Sort by Crew LP", a feature exclusive to the app
    • During a Rivals Challenge, filter the list to eligible songs and see a curated Crew LP leaderboard for each song
    • Find and purchase songs you don't own right from the app
  • Crew Chat
    • Discuss Challenge strategy, your favorite songs, or anything else with your Crew members in real time
    • Optionally receive push notifications for new chat messages
    • Exclusive to Rock Band Companion

Rock Band Companion is available for free on your device's app store.

Android: Play Store

iOS: App Store