My drum kit sensitivity is off - I'm dropping notes or hitting notes twice in a row unintentionally. What's going on?


If you have a controller that exhibits any problems, we have a firmware update that’s currently available to address many issues. It is strongly recommended that you re-calibrate your game anytime you update your firmware.



The Rock Band 4 kick pedal was modeled directly after the Rock Band 3 pedal and has a slightly higher actuation point (height at which the switch is engaged to register a hit) than the pedals from legacy Rock Band games like Rock Band 2 and The Beatles: Rock Band. The end result is that some players that play “heel up” as opposed to “heel down” on the pedal prefer the action from the earlier pedals. Most players that play “heel down” will find the Rock Band 4 pedals more responsive because they hit the actuation point faster. “Heel up” players find the legacy pedals more responsive because they don’t need to depress the pedal as much to register the next hit.   For players that prefer the legacy pedals, they absolutely will be compatible with the new Rock Band 4 drum kit – feel free to plug those in and use them! This does not require an adapter; you can plug your legacy Rock Band pedal directly into your Rock Band 4 drum kit. For players that are looking for more sensitivity when playing “heel up” and do not have access to a legacy Rock Band pedal, there are folks who have made some simple modifications to the pedal using rubber stoppers with adhesive or other materials that simply shorten the travel distance of the pedal to reduce the distance from the actuation point to the fully pressed state, resulting in slightly faster response time for those players.