PlayStation®4 Rock Band 4/Rivals FAQ

1. I downloaded a song and the system says it's installed, but it's not appearing in-game. What do I do?

  • Sony has a helpful page set up for this issue. Following the steps offered here should make your content accessible.


2. I purchased a new song, but going to my Download List says 'No Content Found', how do I get the song?

  • Press the 'PS button' to exit the game, then press the 'PS button' again to return to the game, which should prompt the download page.


3. I'm having trouble with songs beyond what this page has addressed!

  • If you're having an issue with a song that isn't covered above, please refer to our DLC and Export section to troubleshoot your content.


4. I would like to update my MadCatz instrument controllers, where can I find the firmware?

  • Click here to download updated firmware for MadCatz instruments, along with instructions on how to apply it to your instrument controllers.


5. My instrument controllers keep disconnecting, how can I prevent that?

  • We currently have existing pages for the syncing process and updating firmware. If those steps do not help, try moving other wireless devices away from your play space. You could be subject to electronic interference depending on your set-up. If you believe your hardware is damaged, please contact PDP Support for further troubleshooting.